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Default Re: Five Lined Dumpy Family 2019

An update before the rise of the Five Lined Dumpy Family...

That's exactly what's going on with the Skinks and White's Tree Frogs. I have the video in the finishing touches which may be by the end of the week as a release but maybe earlier.

This update will show the animals and enclosures unlike any other video they were in. I got a rare shot of Pharaoh the male skink ambushing a cricket. This has been a rare occurrence so I think it will be a big part of the video. It will drive home the point of how he is the Dynasty for the Skink Dynasty. I got the Squirrel Tree Frog in much better quality clips so you will get to see how beautiful he is. He hasn't eaten in front of me yet either but I believe he will. The Cope's Gray babies are in the video. They are going to make an appearance when they grow more. I captured Amsi coming out as well. I've noticed the Skinks and Squirrel Tree Frog coming out more so they will be captured in more clips to make for even better display. There is some sad news on the way but I'll save it for the video. A new addition is also on the way. Some Millipedes and Giant Isopods. I will have an unboxing video of them to come. These are going to be in the second episode of Kingdoms not the episode coming this week.

The Dumpy Family was captured in some very interesting shots because I actually went into the terrarium to video them. They allowed me to film them living their lives. Max shows her dominance and how just like Pharaoh she is the leader. Max shows her alertness and tameness. She also shows that the other frogs are her family but also she eats first. You will be pleased to see how the Forest has come along. I am beginning to get that dense closeness a forest would have. After the video was shot I added some more plants so you'll have to keep up with the series to see the updates to both enclosures.

If you haven't seen or don't follow the Gray Tree Frogs thread let me fill you in on what's going on. The PA Woods has been divided into factions (two enclosures being presented together for more interest and education).

The upcoming faction of my Gray Tree Frogs (Gray Army) and eventually Toads (and maybe something else) will rival the Five Lined Dumpy Family. While each enclosure is unique the the specific animals I believe bringing these two upcoming enclosures together for documenting will be very interesting and will feel much more fluent. You will get a small idea of what this will look like when Kingdoms premieres this week. So the Five Lined Dumpy Family will have to step it up being the first faction of the PA Woods Community. Soon the native species faction will be rising up to challenge them. I hope to bring competition between these two factions in an attempt to excite followers and viewers and encourage them to support their favorite faction. This will force me to try to constantly out do myself for better content which is good because it give me more motivation to get better.

I have not yet named publicly the name of the upcoming faction. I will be waiting for a little bit longer until the completion of the Gray Army's enclosure is completed. The hope is this new faction will not have to hibernate to breed. They will be both in their own respective Biopod. The hope is that I can turn the temperature down to cause a cooling season for the Tree Frogs and Toads. Then we can have an active and all year running rivalry between the factions.

The 125 gallon is still the center of the PA Woods Community, but it has to go through a massive makeover and the animals are being treated for nematodes. So while they get treated and the tank gets redone the factions will rule. The 125 gallon is not in a faction as it will be the only aquarium I'll own. It's in its own category. The 125 gallon will be inactive for many months as the animals hibernate which is really when we will rely on these two factions for content.

Kingdoms is the feature series for the Five Lined Dumpy Family. the other faction and the 125 gallon will have a feature series as well. Kingdoms will be the kickoff of a new direction of the channel and everything in the PA Woods Community. This is the transition into increasing quality content and better more organized discussion on the forums. The Five Lined Dumpy Family is going to really impress and surprise the PA Woods Community.

Sorry for a long post mostly of what the factions will consist of and their direction. I just wanted to let you know what is coming!

What addition to the Skink Dynasty are you most interested in seeing? Cope's Gray Babies, Millipedes, Giant Isopods, Female Squirrel Tree Frog

Do you want to see a feeding video of the babies in the upcoming unboxing video this week?

What are you excited to see in the first Kingdoms episode?
Pharaoh and Max

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Sent from my BLN-L24 using Tapatalk
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