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Default Five Lined Dumpy Family 2019

This is the thread for the Five Lined Dumpy Family my White's Tree Frogs and Southeastern Five Lined Skinks. We will talk about their enclosures, diets and any news regarding them.

About the Dumpy Family:

Three White's Tree Frogs
Max (Female)
Spurgeon and Jeremiah (Males)
Fin (Male Betta Fish)

About the Skink Dynasty:

Pharaoh (Male Skink)
Amsi (Female Skink)
Ruby (Offspring)
Florence (Male Squirrel Tree Frog)
Large Virginia Land Snails
Large North American Millipedes

Both enclosures are 67 Gallon Exo Terra Terrariums

The Dumpy Family live in the 24x18x36
The Skink Dynasty live in the 36x18x24

The Dumpy Family is scaped after Asia and Australia Hybrid Forest Paludarium

The Skink Dynasty is scaped after the Southeastern United States. Carolina's to Northern Florida.

Both enclosures are together for me because they are side by side literally and are my only exotic animals. So I decided to include them together.

The leaders of the Five Lined Dumpy Family are Max and Pharaoh. It will be interesting to see how big Max gets. Both animals control the ecosystems respectively. Pharaoh can accept or reject an organism and kill or eat it. He chooses which is how the Squirrel Tree Frog, Snails and Millipedes are in the Skink Dynasty. If Pharaoh wanted to he would kill or eat everything else. Everything essentially works for the Skinks. The Snails eat decaying plant matter as do the Millipedes but the Millipedes eat poop of the lizards. So they clean up the enclosure. The Squirrel Tree Frog is night shift security because he consumes any small insects that could potentially bother the Skinks while they sleep. Max controls her environment because she eats as much as she wants. She is dominant and will pester the males if they take her food. She's not always aggressive to them. I find Spurgeon sitting with her late at night. Max has eaten fish before and attempted to hunt Fin once but could not get him as Fin was too deep and in the center of the water so Max could not get any footing. She ate Minnows before and assuming she got a good shot she would attempt the Betta Fish. Fin is the king of the waters. While Max may be a threat it's not usual for her and Fin to interact. They have actually lived together almost a year and only become aware of each other once. That's not bad. Fin controls the water because any fish introduced he fought and it was immediately removed. This is a little bit on the leaders of the Five Lined Dumpy Family.

We will be displaying Kingdoms which will show daily life for these animals and how the leaders maintain their control of their ecosystems.

To see the Skink Dynasty being built check this out!

The Skink Dynasty was updated today!

So I got some really good news all around. Amsi came out and blessed us with her presence. She looks pregnant and I think that could be really cool if she is. She is puffy and she allowed me to record her when she was basking. I caught the first ever time Florence the Squirrel Tree Frog was on the floor of the enclosure. I never saw him on the ground. He was hunting something which was pretty cool to see. I caught in daylight the one snail eating the Pachysandra. I was laughing but sad too. I hope he doesn't eat it all. I'll have to feed him more so he stops.

I added a small under tank heater to the side of the enclosure where the Skinks bask. This is so they can get even warmer and bask faster. I wanted this to help the lizards to be warmer. I also made a small rock pile so the Skinks can feel more comfortable. They hangout in rock and wood piles. The insects also enjoy this because they feel more comfortable with more hiding spots. I added a small piece of corkbark to the enclosure to help the Skinks feel more at home. I will have one side with wood and one side with rocks. The Millipede and Snails went to the wood and were investigating it. The Millipede burrowed underneath and the Snails climbed it.

I have decided a few major things for the Skink Dynasty. So there will be a few more inverts and an unlikely resident. I will be looking into adding more Millipedes, hopefully more Snails, Leopard Slugs and possibly Darkling Beetles. I will also add earthworms to the soil so the Skinks can hunt them when they burrow. The Skinks actually are a burrowing species so they hunt earthworms in the wild. I'm excited to add a few more inverts. There is one more to add and I don't have to find it I already have it. Under circumstances of tragedy I will add the baby Cope's Gray Tree Frogs to this setup. I will explain more why in the Gray Tree Frogs thread but these frogs are actually babies from Charlotte so they are southern. I was not planning on breeding the Gray Tree Frogs but because their home is gone and frogs are dying I will attempt to collect them this spring and breed them to release them in another area.

The addition of the Cope's Gray Tree Frogs will make for the first time I ever had mixed tree frogs. The Cope's is also from the region of the Southeastern Five Lined Skinks and Squirrel Tree Frog. Charlotte is where the Gray's are from and Myrtle Beach is where the Squirrel Tree Frog is from. The temperatures are very close. So this will work out. Maybe it's better for the little babies two of them that have deformed legs to be in this setup. The Skinks aren't going to harm them and the Squirrel Tree Frog is too small to compete for food with them. The babies should be okay in here as opposed to battling my two studs Christian and Bane in an all Gray Tree Frogs enclosure. Plus the Mosquito Fish might have picked at their limbs. This will give even more life to the Skink Dynasty and will mean there are 3 tree frog species in the Five Lined Dumpy Family!

This is truly the year of the Tree Frogs!

What do you think about the addition of the baby Cope's Gray Tree Frogs?

Are you interested in seeing the additional inverts?

Are you excited to see the beginning of the Five Lined Dumpy Family on YouTube?

Side Note:
I am going to create an Instagram for the Five Lined Dumpy Family! The Instagram will feature them but you will see appearances by the Native Amphibians. The Facebook Page will feature the Native Amphibians. I want to use the Instagram for just the exotic animals because I want to make something just for them because they are as important to me as anything else. I cannot stress how important they are to the channel and the happiness I get from caring for them. This is something exclusive for them and I'm excited to give more depth to the Five Lined Dumpy Family! I'll let you know when I create the Instagram!

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