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Old 08-19-2018, 04:51 PM
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Default Re: 55 gallon Vivarium Build

mini update
SO no photos this time, just a quick update... too sick right now to DO anything.
Driftwood is finally shipped (yay) but will take a week to get here as its coming from complete other end of the country (boo). But it gives me time to get parts for a lid and a humidity/temp gauge I can slap in there...
Yesterday I couldn't stop thinking of otehr set up ideas... I want to turn my 20g long into a vertical tank with a large piece of driftwood I've had for.. over 5 years now. Sadly no conversion ktis are out threre right now.. [I contacted NE HERP about theirs (currently on hold to be remade) This was their (rather fast!) reply if any of you are interested:
After our contractor closed up shop, we struggled to find a quote which kept the kits economically viable for us. They were always a really low markup item to begin with, but the loss of the contractor was pretty much the final nail in the coffin. There have been a lot of projects at the company over the past two years since vert kits have been on hold, and I'm glad to say we're slowly researching bringing them back. Early this month I started working with two engineering companies to help improve the product. I can't go into specific details, but if all goes well the new kits will be a lot nicer & easier to mass produce than the old ones. (The term "Mass Produce" might be generous, but you get the idea!) I'm glad to say that it has recently been brought back to life from an R&D standpoint.

There are a few projects ahead of the vert kits in the company project queue. First, there's a major website update coming which accounts for the majority of my efforts over the past 14 months. I'll spare you the details, but the kits are about to get a whole lot more awesome & customizable. After that, I'll be working on wrapping up the construction & automation in our grow rooms. With that completed, I'll be tweaking and automating the availability of some higher-end plants on the site. Then Isopods, then Springtails. With all of those projects completed, Vertical Conversion Kits and a few related projects will become more of an immediate priority. Sorry for the long response, but I'd rather be totally upfront. There's a lot in the pipeline, so depending how things go, it could be anywhere from 3 to 9 months before I've got a finalized prototype. When they are almost available again, we'll be sure to let people know through the newsletter first. We might consider a pre-order through the Insider Menu at that point too. For now, it's definitely going to be awhile.

If you are looking for something sooner, it might be worth contacting a local glass shop for the glass doors, and picking up a Custom Screen Door Kit from Lowes or Home Depot. The parts will cost a bunch more than the kit would have, but at least you wouldn't end up waiting nearly as long. There are a few DIY articles out there for the project, if you decided to try it yourself!
I certainly appreciate them taking the time to explain what's going on. But it means if I want that conversion this year I'll be doing it myself... I looked at a few youtube videos converting 10gs.. my biggest issue is the plastic to glass adhering.. I may try ripping the black frame off the 20g and just do glass on glass and drill for latches/etc... but i don't do well with glass. tend to break it sooo I dunno....
I've also been mulling over my aquatic plants-I plan to remove fissidens moss from one of y tanks so to make a dwarf water lily species set up and thought about selling the moss (currently attached to several pieces of driftwood), or maybe setting up another vivarium/terrarium for it and keeping the moss... I also have some ragged riccia fluentas I want to pull from my tank and put into its own pico (3g and under) set up on wood...gah once I have one going I want to set up a bunch of tanks >.<
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