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Default Re: Banded Intermedius Variability

My group of bandeds was imported from Europe before Mark Pepper got Understory off the ground. My group did not come from the same source as Phils and not even from the same country in Europe.

I have a banded frog with a yellow stripe all the way down the back of the frog, the broken pattern looks like a 6 pack. This frog is the dominant male and has produced both fully banded froglets and ones with the 6 pack look on the back. I also have a fully banded male and female that have produced a frog with a curved stripe coming up from the vent and crossing at the shoulder.

Originally I got two groups and lost many so I had two males in one tank and a female in the other tank. After a year of quarantine I mixed the 3 frogs and about 6 months later got an egg, one egg which didn't make it to hatching. A few months later I found a tad in the tank. Probably lost 12 or more froglets due to artificially raising them, very few morphed out with this method. Of the few frogs that did make it none lived longer than a month or two out of the water. They would do ok and then just start losing weight and waste away, even raised individually. I like to pull tads with back legs so they get a good dose of mom's home cooking, which I think produces better frogs. Even those frogs well underway failed to thrive. Over the last year I have left the tads in the tank and let the parents raise them. The ones that have climbed out of the water have done well, only one I know of died in the tank, and it was a runt, so I wasn't too surprised.

There are two film canisters in the substrate along the left wall towards the back of the tank, this is where all the froglets have come from. There is also an 8 oz cup put into the substrate at a 45 degree angle which serves as a water bowl. Surprisingly the frogs have never deposited a tad in the cup. I would have lost a bet on that one.

I have a group of intermedius from the Huallaga Valley, from the same importation, and they are very similar in care but I have had much better luck in artificially rearing the tads.

The banded group is VERY BOLD, an understatement. Even the babies could care less if you move back and forth in front of the tank, no dashing for cover or freaking out. The intermedius group is very much the same boldness but the F1s from these intermedius are skiddish in the traditional way most thumbs are, speaking of intermedius/imitator,uakarii,nominant fants, etc. As opposed to run for your life thumbs like lamasi and panguana morphs.

I have not seen any aggression with the banded group but the other group the females brawl before breeding, the dominant one will get on top of the others and try and push them into the ground by rocking back and forth on her. This usually goes on for a few days and then stops. I've seen it come and go over the few years just by being in the frogroom.

I would also like to discourage being bombarded with requests for these frogs. I don't puppy mill frogs or "push them" to breed, instead I like to have the parents do as much as possible in the rearing process. I do plan to put the offspring out in capable hands that have been proven and are in it for the long haul.

Hope the info is helpful
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