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Default Re: Crested Gecko Vivarium

Originally Posted by Leuklover View Post
I also have crested geckos, and they like to trample plants. The ficus benjamina can get 100 ft tall. My male digs into the forest moss in his tank during the day, so philodendrons are not in my tank. They can be poisonous. I've had my gecko in a planted tank for two years. I've had him six years. Just my 2! Good luck on your tank!
This is a ficus benjamina "too little" its essentially a dwarf variety of f. benjamina. Along with that its been pruned and kept small for years. This plant is over 15 years old. If kept properly pruned ficus make good vivarium plants. Many people on here have them in their vivariums, and almost every bioactive crested gecko vivarium I've seen has had some species of ficus so I'm not too worried about it on that end.

Also, I haven't read a single piece of literature that stated philodendrons can be toxic to Crested Geckos. They're one of the most commonly recommended species of plant that I've seen to be honest. This variety is a hybrid of two different species and stays quite small. I've seen it used in all kinds of tanks for animals from geckos, to plant eating reptiles such as chameleons and agamids, to dart frogs and other amphibians. I have no worries that its toxic. Even if it was, Crested Geckos aren't herbivorous or omnivorous. They're not interested in leafy greens of any kind and my gecko, who I've had for over a year now, has never touched any green plant matter of any kind.

In terms of digging, my gecko, as I've stated before, is already in a bioactive tub setup. This will eventually be his permanent home but atm he's in a bioactive setup and has been exposed to NEHERP's vivarium substrate for the entire time I've owned him and not once have I caught him digging, eating substrate, or eating sphagnum moss. This is definitely more of a worry with females and if your gecko is doing this you could have a female on your hands that may look like a male, as some females can have a fairly good sized bulge.

However, if any issue arises of my gecko eating something he shouldn't or doing something he should I'd definitely take immediate actions to change the setup. The substrate is covered with a nice layer of leaf litter and as I said he doesn't dig or even go to the bottom of his enclosure all that often so I'm not too worried. Thank you for your concern!!

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