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Default Re: How to run fecal samples

I get a bit worried when a professional writes a post and does not talk down to the level of the crowd reading. The whole "WC bag of worms" and "100% parasitic infection rate" is just not the case in Dart frogs . Parasite infections can be at best neutral to the frog and at worst fatal. A parasite by definition (most people's) does no good for the host. If it does it is not a parasite. There are in-fact many protozoa that do no harm and will be very easily confused with protozoa such as coccidia by the first time/home set-up/not used to IDing Dart Frog parasites crowd that this thread is addressing. But protozoa with no potential for harming the host and not really leaching off the frog are not what I call parasites. And it is not what people should be running fecals to find.Or be too concerned about for that matter.
As far as the WCs having many/more parasites , be they worms or not , it is just not what we have found to be the case in many, many tests in the past five years.
I propose a test or five. I would love to send you a few fecals to have you run. I can label them 1-5 or a-e or whatever, you read them and take some pics and I will post the frog and the situation of each (to a mod ahead of time , if you like). I would be very interested to see if there are in-fact parasites in each sample.
I would like to say that the main reason we do fecals is to find out the state of health of our frogs pertaining to parasites. If the frogs have parasites there are options and it is my belief that all parasites that can be cleaned out should be. Not all protozoa. The three biggies (parasites)I want to wipe out are hook, and lungworms and coccidia. Coccidia not being curable but treatable. Many of the other protozoa and I suppose maybe, maybe even a worm species or two may be just fine in our Darts' systems, but the 100% thing and bag o' worms makes it sound as if they have 'em coming into this world and they will have them going out and that is the way it is. Period. the average person reading your last couple posts.
Let me know if you are willing to run my fecals. I am very interested in what your finding may show.

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