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Old 01-08-2008, 06:00 PM
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If I thought the SMS was worth the shipping cost and the fee for sending it out of the country I would buy more and send it to people but I think the cost would end up making it not worthwhile, I could be wrong though.

And yes, about a waterfall or something with a pump to keep the water clean, I was thinking of being tricky and using a Magnum H.O.T. filter for it but I haven't worked on that yet, the tank I plan on using still has a gecko (and loads of sand/cork bark, etc) but I will probably have some RCS in there if nothing else for the water portion.

My plant list will probably be fiddled with quite a bit and I'll have to figure out what to have on the land and mounted to wood, etc. I'll probably use three broms in there (I'm thinking all the same type, seems too random to me to have a random bunch tossed together most the time) and I might bring in some of my Bacopa caroliniana too which should do well in the tank, possibly too well (will have to clip it from time to time for sure! hehe). As far as the Java fern, I have seen quite a few people use it where it has access to water like in a waterfall or sticking out of the pond areas in their tank, I think as long as you slowly let it acclimate and it is humid enough it should work. I don't seem to have any extra regular java fern but I do have the wendelov and thin leaf varieties available to try out.
And Riccia... well, most people would probably agree, if you have healthy Riccia around you always have some to spare. hehe

Actually I was planning on using my 4x65w for my 55g aquarium and using my 2x65w for the palu but depending on plants in each I might change my mind and swap them. I don't want to blind the darts (if thats what I do get, I would like to).

As far as having done this before, I have never kept darts but I have kept loads of other critters in the past and I used to talk to a dart person every day almost who sold plants & supplies... I was actually working on a 2' cube tank in 2001 as a palu but I had to move and during the move the tank broke so I never finished and then I bought supplies to make a 20g tall but had to move back. I still have most of the supplies for that and am thinking of incorporating them in to this...
I've set up loads of tanks (of various kinds) and it's really one of my favorite things to do, and I have done lots of reading about darts on here and other places so hopefully it will all work out. Most likely the tank will remain frogless for quite awhile, I will want to make sure everything is peachy before putting anyone in there.

I could possibly use a 55g but when I did the math the footprint on my 65(or so) is higher, plus it is a little bit taller which is nice

Thanks for your reply

Originally Posted by Mikee
Sounds pretty awesome to me. I am no expert on the frog part so I wont say anything other than to keep us updated with pics as you go along id really like to see how this turns out in the end. I really want to do my own paludarium in the spring time. It was either another viv like my current or a paludarium but id really love to do a paludarium similar to what you want to do. You are lucky you can find SMS i know many in the U.S use it for the planted tanks since its cheap and works quite well but unfortunately in Canada we have none. I really like the idea of RCS in guessing there will be a waterfall or something similar using a pump to clean the water? Your plant list looks great.. i have some java fern in my current viv thats out of the water and must say they do much better in the water. If they are out of the water they need to be very wet to keep them from drying out. 4x65 should be plenty enough i would imagine. Are you planning on mounting broms on the back or anywhere else? looks like youve done this before or maybe have been doing a lot of research :wink:
- Cassie
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