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Old 01-05-2008, 07:04 AM
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Default Possible new project (paludarium)

Hi all, I have very few posts here and do not keep darts, yet. But I'm pretty sure that I will be setting up an "odd sized" aquarium as a paludarium for, possibly, some D. auratus.
The tank in question had been my favorite aquarium before a panel of glass broke during a move (was the front, is currently the back) and is currently housing a female Leopard Gecko... she had a "friend" for the last few years but they started fighting recently and the other is living elsewhere and so the remaining one is going to move in to a smaller tank soon. Anywho, the tank I do not trust with very much water because of the cracks but I will test it before starting this project (of course).
The tank is 3'l, 2't and 18"d (which works out to around 65g) and I was thinking of having the water area along the front (so maybe 3' x 6" x 6" of water area, not including driftwood and shore).
I have read that the auratus are found near streams and puddles/ponds and fare better in water than most the others do plus would use some of the height of the tank in question. In the water section I was going to have plants and possibly my two magenta apple snails but I might just stick with some red cherry shrimp or Endler's livebarers (if I go with the fish I will probably only have a couple males in there, not enough space for a couple females and males because, well, they are livebarers. lol)

For plants I haven't thought much about the terrestrial plants but figured on using high humidity plants from aquariums which can grow immersed in the water and on the shore, such as Crypt wedntii, Anubius, Java fern, Bolbitis, moss, Glossostigma and Riccia.

I was thinking of using some ADA aquasoil for the water area but I might only need it for the Glosso, I also have some soilmaster select charcoal (charcoal is the color, this is a baked clay substrate sold for ball fields but used for planted tanks) and other substrates I can work with.

Right now I'm in a very loose planning stage but am trying to get some general ideas worked out, like lighting. Right now I have a 2x65w pc florescent fixture which I could mount to the underside of the rack I'm planning on setting this up on (it is a half "gorilla rack" where the top shelf is going to be holding a 55g aquarium) and have that provide light to the palu as well as a misc little tank next to it (possibly a plant only little hex tank). I'm not sure that it would be a good amount of light for the project so I thought I would bring it up.
I'll be getting a 4x65w pc soon from someone in a club I'm in, I was planning on using that for the 55g though.

Ok, sorry for rambling so much, I do it all the time!

If you have any questions or comments please do reply.

Oh, also, I was wondering... if the auratus won't use the water portion for babies, would it be beneficial to have a smaller secondary water area in the tank for them? Devoid of fish, etc.

Thanks in advance

- Cassie
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