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 Orchids By Hausermann Rate Link: Orchids By Hausermann
by kyle1745 on 01-09-2011 01:06 AM
Orchids By Hausermann's - we are the oldest and largest orchid grower in the midwest.
0 664 Plants/supplies
aaafrogs Rate Link: aaafrogs
by AaronAcker on 01-14-2011 03:43 PM
All the supplies and information you need to keep your pet Poison Dart Frog, from fruit fly cultures, supplies, vertical conversion kits, and much more.
0 636 Plants/supplies
Advanced LED Grow Lights Rate Link: Advanced LED Grow Lights
by krysty on 06-28-2012 08:29 AM
Welcome to Advanced LED Grow Lights!* Our*High Intensity 3w LED Grow Lights*have been proven to provide the intense light plants need without any supplemental lights like other LED grow lights require.
0 1,168 Plants/supplies
Alpha Pro Breeders Alpha Pro Breeders
by Alpha Pro Breeders on 01-12-2011 04:12 AM
Alpha Pro Breeders

Breeders of poison dart frogs, Tree frogs, Chameleons, bearded dragons, and exotic shrimp. We carry a full line of supplies for them also.
0 1,279 Breeders
Andy's Orchids Rate Link: Andy's Orchids
by kyle1745 on 01-09-2011 01:05 AM
andys orchids.
0 558 Plants/supplies
Bromeliad and Other Tropical Plants Rate Link: Bromeliad and Other Tropical Plants
by bromeliadsnsuch on 03-02-2011 11:33 AM
Supplier of quality bromeliads specializing in Neoregelias. Tillandsia, Billbergia, Aechmea, Guzmania and other tropical plants.
0 1,091 Plants/supplies
Bromeliad Society International Rate Link: Bromeliad Society International
by kyle1745 on 01-09-2011 01:01 AM
The Bromeliad Society International, BSI, is dedicated to promoting worldwide public and scientific interest in bromeliads (plants of the pineapple family).
0 418 Plants/supplies
California Carnivores Rate Link: California Carnivores
by kyle1745 on 01-09-2011 01:05 AM
The largest carnivorous plant nursery and store in the United States
0 491 Plants/supplies
Carnivorous Plants Rate Link: Carnivorous Plants
by kyle1745 on 01-09-2011 01:07 AM
Carnivorous Plant Nursery. Promoting environmental stewardship by providing carnivorous plants educational materials, carnivorous plants from around the world, free stuff, gifts and games.
0 382 Plants/supplies
Carolina Biological Supply: Science Supplies, AP K Rate Link: Carolina Biological Supply: Science Supplies, AP K
by kyle1745 on 01-09-2011 12:27 AM
Carolina Biological offers science supplies and materials for use in the science classroom. Living & preserved specimens, Wisconsin Fast Plants, chemistry, environmental science, lab equipment, microscopes and more are available for classrooms...
0 372 Food/Medium
ExoticPlantsPlus Rate Link: ExoticPlantsPlus
by kyle1745 on 01-09-2011 01:05 AM
0 702 Plants/supplies
Gardino Nursery : Rare Flora Rate Link: Gardino Nursery : Rare Flora
by kyle1745 on 01-09-2011 01:05 AM
We grow a large collection of tropical rare plants from around the world. Hoyas, Begonias, Jasmines, fragrant plants.
0 466 Plants/supplies
JL-Exotics JL-Exotics
by kyle1745 on 01-09-2011 12:59 AM
0 788 Breeders
JL-Exotics Rate Link: JL-Exotics
by kyle1745 on 01-09-2011 01:05 AM
0 640 Plants/supplies
Kartuz Greenhouses Rate Link: Kartuz Greenhouses
by kyle1745 on 01-09-2011 01:06 AM
Kartuz Greenhouses, a mailorder nursery specializing in rare and unusual plants, including Begonias, Gesneriads, Hoyas, Passifloras, Bonsai, Flowering Tropical Plants and Vines
0 433 Plants/supplies
MistKing MistKing
by kyle1745 on 01-09-2011 01:01 AM offers misting solutions for a variety of applications. Reptiles, like chondros, tortoses, chameleons, geckos, exotic amphibians like dart frogs, salamanders as well as tropical plants. The mist is extremely fine and dripping is...
0 429 Plants/supplies
MK Farms Plants and Books items - Get great deals Rate Link: MK Farms Plants and Books items - Get great deals
by back2eight on 01-30-2011 03:48 PM
Buy MK Farms Plants and Books. Plants for your terrarium, carnivorous plants, gardening books, frog/reptile/pet books, and many more!
0 308 Plants/supplies
Naturescapesnyc Naturescapesnyc
by twilo on 06-17-2011 04:35 PM
Custom aquariums, and paludariums, available for lease or sale A paludarium is an aquarium that also has a terrestrial area for plants and animals.
0 945 Terrarium/Vivarium Pictures
New England Herpetoculture LLC New England Herpetoculture LLC
by MeiKVR6 on 01-10-2011 10:50 PM
New England Herpetoculture Supply - Affordable high quality exotics, plants, and supplies. Family owned & operated with excellent customer service!
0 505 Plants/supplies
Orchidweb Rate Link: Orchidweb
by kyle1745 on 01-09-2011 01:07 AM
Buy orchids and orchid supplies from with thousands of plants and secure ordering.
0 225 Plants/supplies
T & C Terrariums, Plants, Supplies Rate Link: T & C Terrariums, Plants, Supplies
by kyle1745 on 01-09-2011 01:05 AM
Your online source for orchids, bromeliads, live moss, terrarium supplies, and rare tropical plants.
0 507 Plants/supplies
The Violet Barn Rate Link: The Violet Barn
by kyle1745 on 01-09-2011 01:06 AM
african violet, violet, african violets, violets, episcia, gesneriad, houseplants, terrarium, miniature plants, hoya, begonia, streptocarpus
0 203 Plants/supplies
Tropical Plants & Animals for Terarriums | Gla Rate Link: Tropical Plants & Animals for Terarriums | Gla
by therizman2 on 06-15-2012 01:05 AM
Glass Box Tropicals was created to help fill a void in the world of terrarium plants. After years of building a collection of plants, learning their needs, actual sizes, and ideal propagation conditions, it was decided to build a business around...
0 259 Plants/supplies
Vivaria Projects - home Rate Link: Vivaria Projects - home
by kyle1745 on 01-09-2011 12:26 AM
Homepage Vivaria Projects
0 447 General Care/information
Welcome to Black Jungle Terrarium Supply  - The Na Rate Link: Welcome to Black Jungle Terrarium Supply - The Na
by dartfrogs on 04-26-2011 11:39 PM
Black Jungle Terrarium Supply offers tropical plants & vivarium supplies for rainforest habitats for poison dart frogs, geckos, reptiles, herps. Exotic plants & carnivorous plants: Rare epiphytes, live mosses, Aroids, Begonias, Orchids,...
0 409 Plants/supplies

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